Luciana has premiered twelve theatre plays as a Director since 2006, being among them Primer Módulo. Una Obra de Acción (Montevideo, 2014) Supported by Fortalecimiento de las Artes escénicas).), Amigo Latino  by Gael Policano, for the Bienal de Buenos Aires 2013. through the project Long Distance Affair, created and coordinated by New York artists.  (Buenos Aires, 2013) and. Adiós niño bonito by Ana Solari, sponsored by Prince Claus foundation (Montevideo, 2011). She is a member of the Uruguayan Theatre company Teapot; plays in English. She directed for this company Midsummer's Night Dream (premiered in 2012, with three seasons in different Uruguayan theatres included Teatro Solís de Montevideo), and she is currently staging The Tempest for the 2016 season of the Teatro Solís de Montevideo. She has worked as a playwright and Assistant Director with acknowledged Uruguayan directors such as Mariana Percovich and Gabriel Calderón; she has also worked with international directors as André Heller from Brazil (as an opera assistant for Macbeth and Ariadna Aus naxos) and the German Volker Losch with the play Antígona Oriental. Besides working as Losch's assistant, she was acting coach for the play chorus. This chorus was performed by women who suffered political imprisonment during the Uruguayan dictatorship and were non professional actresses. Antígona Oriental toured around South America, Germany and Spain.


Luciana has been awarded with several international awards and scholarships such as the Lincoln Center International Directors Lab (New York, 2015), Playwrights International Meeting Obrador d'Estiu (Barcelona, 2014) and Panorama Sur Seminar (Buenos Aires, 2012).


Some of Luciana's scripts; La chica estándar abre un libro de Marosa, se moja y pierde la virginidad del cerebro. Reading in Rioplatensas Seminar, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Premiered in two New York theatre cycles: 10 minutes plays and Alone Together. This script has also been published in the book Rioplatensas Vol. 1, (Buenos Aires, 2013), in the Uruguayan cultural magazine Revista El Boulevard, Nº 5, and in the Parisian Theatre Magazine Le Bruit du Monde, N°5. In this magazine were also published fragments of Luciana´s latest play. El banquete, writen for the dance show Virtuosos, from the choreographer and dancer Martín Inthamoussu. Virtuosos was composed by seven texts from seven playwrights (Teatro Solís, 2011). The text El banquete was selected for the Lima contemporary dance festival 2011. For the International Center of women playwrights she wrote the article Let´s talk about this, because the girls are interested (Buffalo, NY, 2015, not published yet) From 2009 to 2014 she worked as a playwright for young actors from the Theatre group Macabi-Tzair Uruguay. Creating one play every year, exclusively for this group.